March 1, 2021


Loan Rates Share Rates Certificate Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 12/01/2014
Loan Origination Fees
Home Equity Loans$150.00
Personal Loan$ 30.00
Refinance Loan$ 30.00
Vehicle Loans$ 50.00
Fees Applicable to All Accounts
Insufficient Funds-Any Item$ 30.00 per item
Visa Gift Card$3.50 per card
NSF/Returned Deposits$ 30.00 per item
Account Research$ 25.00 per hour
Account Reconciliation$ 25.00 per hour
Photocopy of Draft$ 10.00 each
Copy of Statement$ 3.00 per page
Money Orders$ 2.00 per item
CU Issued Check (3rd party)$ 2.00 per check
Returned Statement Fee$ 5.00
Stop Payment Fee$ 25.00 per item
Overdraft Transfer from Shares$ 25.00 per occurence
Overdraft Credit$ 25.00 per occurence
Dormant Accounts over 365 days$ 5.00 per month
Account closed within 30 days of openin$ 25.00
Reopen closed account$ 20.00
Gift Checques$ 3.00 per cheque
ACH Returns$ 25.00 per item
ATM Replacement Cards$ 10.00 per card
ATM Overdraft$ 30.00 per item
ATM PIN Reissue$ 10.00 per occurence
ATM Transaction Fee$ 3.00each
No fee for first 8 transactions per month
Share Draft Printing FeesWill vary with size